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About Dennis Driving License Training

Time for a driver's license? Yes, then you have come to the right place 👍 At our place!

Are you looking for a smooth and smart traffic school in Gothenburg? In Gothenburg, we offer a complete education so that you can get your driver's license as quickly as possible!

Dennis' driving license training at Hisingen is a stone's throw from the Swedish Transport Administration and is located in one of Hisingen's absolute best practice areas. This means that you as a student do not have to spend money or unnecessary time on transport distances to good practice areas. You practice driving directly in the drive-up area on Hisingen.

We at Denniskörkortsutbildning have teachers who have the latest and one of the best educations available on the market today, and have been involved since 2014 and have a burning interest in vehicles and new technology.


Why choose us


Best training time with us and your driving license will be cheaper and will be safe and secure drivers in traffic

In your language

Now you can read and prepare the theory in your own language even for English speaking students


The training area minutes from the Swedish Transport Administration (Hisingen) and we have chosen to also have weekend runs at no extra cost


Happy customers


"Incredibly good experience, the teacher's pedagogical tactics helped me understand in a good way and they are good at dealing with people with different backgrounds, both in terms of age & ethnicity. "

thumb_02_60_60Phantomen Hans

"Very nice and instructive teacher
who teaches very well and
. "


"Never driven a car before, took 10 lessons with Dennis and passed the run-up on the first try. Highly recommended. "